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Posted on January 19th, 2012 in Films

Not yet

A film by Tito Sacchi, co-written with Matt Gibbs and produced by Screencult.


Produced by Screencult in collaboration with Mash Mosh Films. Not Yet is a dream-like tale about fixation and the inability to accept the cards you are dealt. Standing on the edge of a flat roof, a man weighs up the consequences of his next step. Not distraught or hysterical, although clearly waiting for something, he seems resigned to the action he is about to take. Unable to forget, tired of waiting, he makes his choice. He checks his phone one more time.


Written and directed by Tito Sacchi. Starring Michael Gilroy. Producer Ben Mourra. Director of photography Chris Bishop. Production manager Lauren Bishop Vranch. Production assistant Benn Crawford. Still Photography Matt Gibbs. Music Peter Godfrey.

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