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Il Silenzio del Mare0

Posted on January 19th, 2012 in Featured, Films

Il Silenzio del Mare

Music video “Il Silenzio del Mare”, Giacomo Sacchi, Musicalmente Edizioni Musicali.


A man struggles to make some sense out of a series of peculiar events that happen around him. He slowly discovers that his inner nature has been dormant for all his life, and he now feels the urge to follow his real instincts. The irresistible call from the water that runs toward the sea will ultimately force him to make a final decision. The song “Il Silenzio del Mare” by Giacomo Sacchi is produced by Musicalmente Edizioni Musicali, producer Stefano Cenci.


Written, produced and directed by Tito Sacchi. Starring Giacomo Sacchi, Charles McGuire, Rocio Del Casar. Director of photography Jordan Cushing. Camera assistant Ian Whittington. Production assistant Joe Cane. Colorist Gianluca Bonomo. Still Photography Matt Gibbs.

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