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Posted on January 25th, 2012 in Development, Featured, Slider


Intense and thought-provoking short psychological drama, with a strong social theme


Malcolm Riley is looking forward to the delivery of his brand new dinner table, eager to enjoy the addition to his modern and stylish home. However, upon delivery, his joy soon turns to frustration as he realizes he must first address a minor problem. Things begin to get increasingly out of hand, the task inevitably becomes his personal mission and results in challenges to his sanity. With each step towards his goal, the solution seems to spiral further away whilst his increasingly neurotic behaviour begins to expose the real story beneath the surface.

The team

For this project writer/director Tito Sacchi has teamed up with producer Andreas Kubat from Valhalla Pictures and executive producer Stephen Follows from Catsnake.

Mankind Initiative endorsement

We are aiming to raise awareness of male domestic abuse with a larger discerning audience, through distribution and film festivals. Our film project has been endorsed by ManKind Initiative, a national charity that provides help and support for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence. Male abuse and violence is a much under reported issue. Twice as many male victims (41%) than women (19%) do not tell anyone about the domestic abuse they are suffering.

“We think it is spot on. It is that jolt that is vital in getting the message across.”

Mark Brooks
Chairman of Mankind Initiative.

Help us make this film

Information about our incoming crowdfunding campaign for “Flawless” will be posted here soon.


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